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One to One Rewards

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Terms and Conditions:

The following document details the terms and conditions of Pocatello Nissan Kia One-to -One Rewards Program. Pocatello Nissan Kia One-to-One Rewards Program members will receive rewards points on purchases of parts, accessories, and labor charges purchased at our dealership. As a full service factory authorized NISSAN and KIA dealer, as well as a factory authorized MERCEDES-BENZ service facility, you are assured of the availability of Genuine NISSAN, KIA, and MERCEDES-BENZ parts for all vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

Program Overview:

The Pocatello Nissan Kia One-to-One Rewards Program is a loyalty rewards program sponsored by Pocatello Nissan Kia that allows Program Members to earn rewards points toward future purchases of parts, accessories, shop labor, as well as new and used vehicles. Points are acquired by retail purchases of new and used vehicles, parts, accessories, and shop labor from Pocatello Nissan Kia, up to a maximum of 300 points per transaction. All earned rewards points can be used for retail purchases at Pocatello Nissan Kia only.

Program Rules:

  1. Reward points have no actual cash value, and cannot be redeemed for cash
  2. Any items purchased from Pocatello Nissan Kia through the One to One program cannot be returned for cash. All returned items value will be applied to the Rewards Card. No exceptions.
  3. Rewards points issued by Pocatello Nissan Kia do not expire.
  4. Rewards points earned through the Rewards+Plus program expire within 24 months.
  5. Rewards points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other special offer, discount, or coupon.
  6. Your rewards card can be used for ANY vehicle in your household.
  7. Rewards points can only be earned on retail cash purchases. Points cannot be accrued on warranty, insurance, extended warranties, or maintenance agreements.

Earning Rewards Points:

    1. When enrolling in the program, your will receive a Pocatello Nissan Kia One-to-One rewards card. This card is to be utilized for each eligible transaction
    2. There are two separate categories of rewards points, SALES and SERVICE. Rewards points can be earned in these two separate categories in the following manner;
      1. Sales Rewards Points – New or used vehicle purchase (excluding wholesale) earns $100.00 toward a future vehicle purchase at Pocatello Nissan Kia.
      2. Service Rewards Points – Each service purchase (parts and labor) earns 5% of the total dollars spent (less sales tax) towards a future vehicle, service, parts, or accessory purchase at Pocatello Nissan Kia.
      3. Service Rewards Points – Each parts or accessory purchase earns 5% (less sales tax) toward a future vehicle, service, or accessory purchase at Pocatello Nissan Kia.

Redeeming Rewards Points:

    1. Sales Rewards Points can only be redeemed toward a qualifying vehicle purchase at Pocatello Nissan Kia. Please see dealer for details.
    2. Service Rewards Points can be redeemed toward a vehicle purchase, customer-pay retail service visit, or retail parts or accessories purchase at Pocatello Nissan Kia.

Participation In The Program:

The Pocatello Nissan Kia One-to-One Rewards Program is available to all Pocatello Nissan Kia customers 18 years old and older.

Pocatello Nissan Kia One-to-One Rewards Program:

    1. Participation in this program constitutes each participants full and unconditional agreement to these Terms and conditions.
    2. The personal information that is collected from each customer in connection with this program will be used in accordance with the NISSAN Privacy Policy.

General Terms and Conditions:

Pocatello Nissan Kia reserves the right to modify and of the terms and conditions governing the Pocatello Nissan Kia Rewards Program (The Program) at any time and without any prior notice. These changes include but are not limited to accrual methods, accrual value, point redemption method, and point redemption value, even though this may affect the participant’s ability to redeem the points that have already been accrued.

The Program has no pre-determined termination date and may continue until such time that Pocatello Nissan Kia terminates the program, at any time and without prior notice.

Accrued rewards points do not constitute property of the participant and do not have any value outside of The Program. Rewards points are credits that Pocatello Nissan Kia reserves the right to revoke and any time, and for any reason. Rewards points may not be redeemed for cash, assigned, bartered or transferred as matter or otherwise by operation of law. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that the information in his/her account is accurate and current. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Idaho, US; as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Idaho. These Terms and Conditions and any documents it incorporates set forth the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.